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Breaking News: SecureBuy Webinar Reveals How Cyber Criminals Monetize Stolen IDs with Big Data

RIDGELAND, Miss., April 22, 2014 / PRNewswire/– SecureBuy, an industry leader in fraud prevention technology announced today that it has joined forces with FICO™ and CrowdStrike Services to host a webinar in partnership with the Electronic Transaction Association (ETA). The webinar will explain how cyber criminals use advanced data science methods and computer technology to profit from breached personal and financial data stolen from U.S. retailers.

The webinar, entitled Big Data and Analytics Used to Monetize Breached Data by Cyber Criminals, will take place on April 23, 2014 at 12:00 p.m. EDT.

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SecureBuy 2.0

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SecureBuy Powered with FICO™ brings ground-breaking analytic authentication to the shopping cart or point of sale. SecureBuy has created the cloud-based SaaS “Analytic Authentication” platform by combining FICO’s proven adaptive card analytics, global intelligence profiling and consortium data model with SecureBuy’s well-known physical attribute authentication. Self-calibrating with every transaction SecureBuy powered with FICO™ provides merchants the most advanced transaction scoring available today.  SecureBuy provides the acquirer, ISO and enterprise merchant community access to the same frictionless fraud detection analysis that the card issuers utilize to protect themselves on a daily basis.

SecureBuy Contact Center Solution

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Do you expect your contact center agents to identify fraudulent transactions?  With SecureBuy Contact Center Solution, your agents can stop worrying about fraudsters and concentrate on taking orders, upselling and providing an excellent consumer experience. SecureBuy's cloud-based contact center solution provides the ability to eradicate conventional fraud, friendly fraud, and internal fraud and to remove full card data from call centers, contact centers or engagement centers. Allow your agents to deliver an excellent consumer experience instead of worrying about fraudsters!

SecureBuy Complete Storefront

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Starting a website or upgrading your online presence?  SecureBuy complete is the most formidable eCommerce solution ever created!  Most cloud-based providers host your website on shared servers in one data center.  With SecureBuy Complete, your Magento website is hosted live in three redundant, geographically dispersed world-class data centers and engineered to have your customers routed to the data center delivering the fastest response time. Includes a merchant account, advanced gateway, customized version of Magento, storefront set-up wizard and SecureBuy's automated fraud prevention technology.
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