About SecureBuy® - The Commerce Stabilizer

A wholly owned subsidiary of SignatureLink, Inc., SecureBuy is the leading architect of fraud technology and commerce solutions. SecureBuy Labs, the R&D arm of SecureBuy is contracted for use by some of the largest players in the payment ecosystem as a think tank and development incubator for new technology. Best known for the creation and development of one of the most widely adopted patented signature capture technologies in the mobile and eCommerce space, SecureBuy is a direct global provider of analytic authentication services, risk management and end-to-end automated fraud solutions for acquirers, payment processors and large enterprise merchants.

SecureBuy’s Fraud Technology

SecureBuy Powered with FICO™ is an automated credit & debit card fraud prevention solution that has created a new payment industry performance benchmark for frictionless payment authentication in the mobile and (CNP) card-not-present space.

Cloud-based and integrated within the checkout process, SecureBuy Powered with FICO™ includes proven adaptive analytics, global intelligent profiling and a consortium data model originally created for issuing banks and currently used by 95% of U.S. issuers and 65% of global card issuers. SecureBuy's new dynamic, self-calibrating, neural network consortium data model combined with its powerful physical attribute authentication provides the best transaction scoring available today.  

Optional fraud technologies include SecureBuy’s Terms and Conditions Manager and patented electronic handwritten signature technology that captures proof of purchase exactly as it was experienced. Stored in a PCI-compliant repository, the certified sales documentation provides the evidence to defend against 98% of chargebacks.

Our Mission
At SecureBuy, we are very proud of our contributions to the world of commerce. We are also proud of our progress to educate the payment eco-system concerning new best practices to fight and eliminate payment fraud. The political environment in the payment space causes new technology suppression and disruption of new best practices. SecureBuy is on a mission to stop the white noise surrounding aged best practices and antiquated technology that has not progressed for today's environment. SecureBuy will continue to provide the latest next-generation automated technologies and solutions to reduce revenue erosion from payment fraud and to stabilize commerce. We will also continue to apply pressure to the payment industry as a whole to take responsibility and come together to address the overwhelming amount of fraud being perpetrated on a daily basis.

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