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Whether it's an individual stealing one card number or organized fraudster rings, contact centers and merchants are liable if they allow customer's information to be stolen. Contact center networks, business processes, and security are often outdated and easy to breach, and must become more sophisticated to avoid internal and external fraudsters. Industry analysts are advising contact centers to better train their agents, but that isn't necessary with SecureBuy. Instead of incurring costs for additional education and training of agents, SecureBuy negates that need/cost of training. Contact centers absolutely need a truly effective and scalable payment fraud solution that automates the entire process, allowing contact center agents to deliver an excellent consumer experience instead of worrying about fraudsters.

SecureBuy Prevents Fraud and Removes Card Data from Contact Centers or Engagement Centers
SecureBuy's cloud-based contact center solution has the ability to eradicate conventional fraud, friendly fraud, and internal fraud. The SecureBuy Contact Center Solution completely removes the credit card data out of the hands of the contact center agent and allows the consumer to provide payment information and confirm the order via a secure website while still on the phone with the contact center agent. SecureBuy's Contact Center Solution includes real-time analytic authentication, inline terms & conditions and biometric signature capture providing contact centers and merchants indisputable proof of purchase.

Build Consumer Trust and Loyalty
Consumers are now demanding that merchants deploy extra security checks to protect their personal information from identity theft and according to the most recent study - “Online and Mobile Retail Authentication: Preventing Fraud in the Age of Data Breaches and Malware” 2013 report by Javelin Research & Strategy, Consumers are ready to use advanced authentication solutions for safer online retail purchases. SecureBuy’s Contact Center Solution protects the consumer and the business, increases conversion and build’s consumer trust and loyalty.

SecureBuy Contact Center Process:
SecureBuy receives the order details from the contact center: This is accomplished via a contact center agent using a secure hosted order page OR by using a secure API connection between the contact center's CRM and SecureBuy's PCI compliant servers.

1. An email or SMS message is sent to the consumer including a unique link associated with the customer's order.  The consumer clicks on the link and enters their email address to authenticate.  The consumer is then presented with a familiar check-out screen including a summation of their order, the terms & conditions, biometric signature pad and a "Place Order" button.

2. The consumer enters their payment information and within milliseconds, SecureBuy’s real-time analytic authentication determines the risk level. If analytic authentication returns an elevated risk score, depending on the rules you have set, the consumer is presented with pre-selected options i.e. provide another form of payment - Please call 800-XXX-XXXX to complete your order etc. 

3. Upon acknowledgement by the consumer, SecureBuy's screen scraping technology creates a signed sales receipt and delivers a certified copy to the customer via email and to the merchant via SecureBuy's PCI compliant document vault. SecureBuy then responds to the merchant by sending an encrypted and secure confirmation of the customer's acknowledgement of the purchase.

4. The order is then released, billed and fulfilled by the merchant with the assurance that SecureBuy’s fraud screening has certified the order and is protecting the merchant and customer from internal and external fraud.

SecureBuy Contact Center Solution can be integrated within existing infrastructure or deployed as a standalone application. SecureBuy also has the ability to provide custom contact center solutions to fit your particular needs.

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Due to litigation, SecureBuy is ceasing to offer its 3D-Secure MPI indefinitely.

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