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Introducing Frictionless Payment Analytic Authentication

Phoenix FMTM Powered with FICO TM is the new performance benchmark for the payment industry to fight fraud in the card-not-present space.


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A wholly owned subsidiary of SignatureLink, Inc., SecureBuy is a leader in global payment fraud prevention and security technology for e-commerce payment processing. Best known for the creation and development of one of the most widely adopted patented signature capture technologies in the mobile and e-commerce space, SecureBuy continues to fight fraud with innovative solutions.

As is evident, card-not-present (CNP) fraud is growing rapidly as e-commerce moves online and chip-and-PIN technology makes other fraud schemes less vulnerable. To combat the fraudsters, SecureBuy teamed up with FICO to provide a time-proven, technological advanced solution that significantly improves fraud monitoring and decreases fraud losses, all while transparently ensuring that consumers have a successful shopping experience.

A global provider of state-of-the-art technology fraud solutions, SecureBuy presents Phoenix Fraud Manager (FM) powered with FICO as the preferred e-commerce fraud prevention solution for acquirers, processors, and merchants.


Phoenix FM powered with FICO

Phoenix FM is a sophisticated, automated credit and debit card fraud prevention solution that has created a new payment industry performance benchmark for frictionless payment authentication in the mobile and CNP space.

Cloud-based and easily integrated within the checkout process, Phoenix FM includes proven adaptive and preventive analytics, global intelligent profiling and a neural network consortium data model originally created for issuing banks and currently used by 95% of U.S. issuers and 65% of global card issuers. This technology has now been adopted to the e-commerce payment process. This real time frictionless payment authentication provides the best transaction scoring available!

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