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Phoenix Fraud Manager (FM),
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Detect fraud quickly and accurately with Phoenix FM

SecureBuy has partnered with FICO to develop the next generation of fraud detection for the e-commerce payment space. Phoenix FM powered with FICO was built using a re-engineered FICO Falcon adaptive analytic engine. Phoenix FM is the most accurate and comprehensive solution for detecting payment card fraud within the e-commerce transaction world.

The reliable, responsive e-commerce fraud detection system

SecureBuy's Phoenix Fraud Manager (FM) powered with FICO is the leading solution and industry standard in payment card fraud detection. Built on a robust service-oriented architecture, Phoenix FM uses advanced analytic techniques that synthesize intelligence drawn from billions of payment card accounts and hundreds of person-years of experience to weigh key attributes and identify fraud with the utmost reliability—all in a fraction of a second. Phoenix FM provides a single platform for card fraud detection—credit and debit—and with an easily integrated direct link to your authorization system, you can stop fraudulent transactions right at the point of sale. The new release of Phoenix FM is the most accurate and effective solution for detecting fraud. Phoenix FM was designed using a revamped FICO Falcon engine, which 17 of the top 20 credit card issuers worldwide rely on to protect transactions in more than 2.5 billion active accounts. Phoenix’s FM model continually fine-tunes this fraud management solution to detect fraud characteristics and behavior specific to the portfolio, thereby improving the solution’s effectiveness and accuracy.

  • The reliable, responsive fraud detection system

Phoenix FM is designed to reduce fraud losses with minimal customer impact through unmatched capabilities including:

Patented Cardholder Profiling Technology. Identifies key transaction behaviors and spending patterns for each cardholder to ensure rapid recognition of uncharacteristic, possibly fraudulent expenditures.

Neural Network Modeling. Patented analytic technology provides the most accurate predictive models available based on transaction data and cardholder profiles.

Consortium Model. Unique to Phoenix FM, the SecureBuyTM consortium incorporates data from millions of transactions to leverage powerful knowledge about fraud patterns—specific to a region and portfolio —for improved fraud detection, no matter the size of your portfolio.

With Phoenix FM powered with FICO you can:

Improve detection with global profiles. Phoenix FM has global profiles that complement cardholder profiles with the ability to focus on high risk entities such as merchants, transactions and countries.

Improve response time to new fraud trends with adaptive analytics. Sophisticated account level behavior analytics accurately detect and prevent electronic payment fraud, while advanced self-calibrating profiles tune in production to reduce false positives associated with changing market or consumer behavior.

Minimize cardholder impact and operational costs. Phoenix FM produces low rates of false positives (legitimate transactions scoring high for potential fraud). Fewer transactions referred to analysts—and more fraud in those that are—reduces costs and improves productivity.

Features Benefits
Real-time scoring with robust neural network models with patented cardholder profiling and monitoring of other entities' scoring Detects more fraud with lower false positives to provide minimal impact on customers
Seamless integration with the authorization system for real-time scoring Identifies fraud sooner to give you more opportunity to reduce losses
Region and portfolio-specific fraud models leverage industry-­wide consortium data Leverages known fraud patterns to achieve highest fraud detection levels
Operates in real time with throughputs of under milliseconds, in near-real-time online configurations, or in batch mode Global intelligent profiles can improve fraud detection and are particularly effective in reducing cross-border fraud
Includes patented profiling technology that "learns" cardholder and device behavior patterns Most accurate and comprehensive solution for detecting payment card fraud and reducing losses
Performs detection based on an unparalleled pool of global transaction data Adaptive analytics have been shown to deliver a lift in detection
Specific fraud models are available to provide focused detection Minimizes cardholder impact and operational costs

Transaction-Based Scoring. Analyzes each authorization transaction to assess risk of fraudulent activity. Provides an accurate fraud score, indicating the likelihood that the account is fraudulent.

Adaptive models. Adaptive models use recent fraud activity to sharpen detection by creating a more precise separation between frauds and non-frauds. While retaining the benefit of the consortium model approach, adaptive models quickly learn the unique fraud patterns, and provide a real-time adjustment to the consortium model score for the immediate fraud situation. Adaptive modeling techniques have a proven performance lift in real-time value detection. Real-Time Decisioning. Provides users with the flexibility to configure the solution for 100% real-time.

Enterprise detection. Phoenix FM can detect fraud across channels and/or bank products.

Global profiles. Many patterns of fraud are best detected by global profiling, which provides a more complete picture of fraud by looking across multiple entities such as merchants, devices or countries. By looking for unusual behavior of a device, strongly predictive variables can be created and combined with the account information to better identify fraud.

  • An architecture for smarter decisions

<bPhoenix FM is built on SecureBuyTM’s easily integrated, scalable architecture and consortium database. This provides a common service-oriented foundation for rapidly bringing analytics-driven decisioning into more areas of the customer lifecycle—and for connecting decisions across it in ways that create more value for you and your customers.

  • The industry leaders in card fraud detection

SecureBuyTM & FICO

SecureBuyTM , the leading architect of fraud technology and commerce solutions, has partnered with FICO, who monitors transactions for more than 2.5 billion active accounts across six continents. Combined, this solution is the industry envy for e-commerce fraud protection.

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Phoenix FM powered with FICO

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